Oscars, Best Picture, The Hurt Locker, etc.

I have been watching the press on the upcoming Oscars.  The Best Picture has 10 different movies nominated and I think it is going to be one of two.  Its either going to be Avatar or The Hurt Locker.  The one getting most of the press is The Hurt Locker.  In some ways the press has been saying that the director got it wrong.  This isn’t realistic.

I have to say as a veteran artistic license is fine.  The EOD guys do a tough in fact very tough job.  Yes they missed details.  That is probably good.  It also would not have been an entertaining movie at all had it been identical to a day in the life of one of those hard working guys.  Those guys are real heros as they absolutely know they are walking up to something that could kill them and their friends.  I saw that movie brought the fairly unsung hero of the EOD guy into the limelight.  I also thank the director, producer, writer, etc for bringing these guys some of the attention they deserve.

My vote goes to The Hurt Locker.  Avatar was fine but a predictable movie largely to be watched just because the effects were absolutely amazing.

I should probably look and see what the other 8 nominated movies are but so far those are the only two I know (sad but true).


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