Political Scandals, Corruption, and tax dollars

I have been looking at the news and I am disgusted.  If you read my blog you know I’m annoyed at both political parties but there is one thing that regardless of party I’m just finished with listening to from the sidelines and am going to figure out how to do something.  In a word corruption.

Between the politicians using large corporate jets to fly to the Caribbean, to special favors on housing, to mortgages no one but a politician could get the rate of, to the woman in Massachusetts stuffing $100 in her bra (this was real).

They are entrusted by us with the publics money.  They have gone around so long saying government this government that.  It isn’t there anything its ours.  Without tax money none of that stuff exists and I made that money before they took it.  I don’t mind paying taxes but I do mind those taxes going to special favors for somebody’s friend of cohort just because of a payoff.

I think I am going to start a campaign of sorts to enact some laws (yes more government but this may work) some laws that can be used to give harsh penalties, serious jail times (not minimum security)… Something.  At least throw them out of office never to come back.  Then make it so they can’t make a dime selling the story so no multi million dollar book deals.  I’ll figure this out.


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  1. Posted by mar on March 6, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    Government Funding Scandal

    Privacy Commissioner of Canada / Brock University / CAMH


    Medicine Gone Bad




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