Military Tribunals vs. Civilian Court for terrorists

I have been thinking a lot about what I would do if I were President with the prisoners in Gitmo.  I can say this I’m glad I’m not President.  I wouldn’t want to figure this one out.

I also think that we should have done something with them a LONG time ago rather than just letting them sit there.

I think civilian trials are a bad idea, forgetting about the cost.  The cost is one thing and it would be EXPENSIVE but like I said bag the cost just think about the best foot forward.

These guys consider this as a war.  They act against us as a military or paramilitary group.  Let’s forget civilian trials then.  Go with military tribunals.  But lets just get it done.  Stop waiting and move forward smartly.

Civilian trials would end up being a media circus with a movie of the week or something.  Certainly would give the terrorists or suspected terrorists and soapbox from which to scream their politics.  I’m find with free speech and as much as you want to do.  What I am not ok with is doing that at Taxpayer expense.  Feel free to spout your own stuff on your own time and dime.

Military trials would be less showy.  I also think they are probably as fare as anything you are likely to get for these guys.  Move forward and get it done Mr. President.

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