Founding Fathers vs Modern Politicians

I have been thinking a lot lately about the political process.

I have read a bit (although not enough) about the founding of our country.  These were guys that had heated debates.  They agreed often, at the start of a new topic, on very little.  But they treated each other as intellectuals.  THey brough forth ideas, they brough forth reasons and tried to convince one another through reason, through discussion, and sometimes, often through compromise. 

Today’s politicians on both side don’t do this.  Its my way or the highway.  The current administration appears to do this  a lot.  The President is a shrewd politician.  He wants to use the “Presidential Show” to appear like he is trying to compromise while really he is not.  He can’t get all those in his party to do much that he wants, otherwise Healtcare would have passed by now.  I would have.  The democrats to not need the republicans.

The republicans are just as guilty of the show although oddly right now its working in their favor.  We’ll see how this particular debate turns out in the coming weeks/months but I think, and this is a prediction I’ll stand by now that it is in cyberspace for all to see, that the democrats are going to lose at least the house and will not have near the majority in the Senate they currently enjoy although I think they will still be in the Majority of the Senate.  I also think that if they keep quiet and the President keeps pushing Healthcare and losing he will not get re-elected.  I am betting on a major compromise coming in the next several months. 

Just one guys analysis while playing arm chair commentator.


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