Al Gore and The University of Tennessee, Global Warming etc

I just want to start with I don’t like pollution more than anyone else.  I hate LA for this reason.  I don’t want to inhale it and I am a strong supporter in not polluting.

I do have issue with the man made global warming debate.  I want to say that I have not seen credible scientific evidence that man caused any kind of warming.  If warming existed, and its so close to in the noise that is a tough call, its difficult to assign a source to it.  Maybe it is man, maybe it isn’t.  The sun does vary its output that is well known so perhaps there is a connection there.

Ok now to my main point of this rant.  I heard on the news that Al Gore is getting an honorary degree from University of Tennessee…

Normally who cares, he is an alumni, a famous one and if it makes them feel better have fun with it.

I think the timing is interesting.  Its in some kind of climate science (I don’t remember how they are phrasing it but you get the point).  Given the current debate not only on the news but what I am sure is about to be in the open scientific literature given the news is this a good thing?

Is it a smart idea to give an unqualified man who takes the data he wants and ignores data he doesn’t like a degree in a science?  I say no.

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  1. […] an odd coincidence in a later post he has this to say about former Vice President Al Gore: Ok now to my main point of this rant. I heard on the news that Al Gore is getting an honorary […]


    • Hey thanks for posting a blog about my blog. Did someone actually ask if I was a science nerd? I could I guess post a picture of me in front of my diplomas but that seems silly. So where do I get a Fedora in custom sizes?


  2. Posted by Yoshi on March 8, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    Honorary degrees are strange things to begin with. They are given to those who have not really earned it, as you point out. That being said, if anyone deserves an honorary degree, its Al Gore. The timing is perfect.

    Climate change science may be in its infancy and be subject to errors, but is still important. Gore brought attention to the topic on such a scale that would not have been possible by scientists alone, save for an Einstein like figure. Love him or hate him, believe him or not, just about everyone has heard about “Global Warming”.

    We may not be able to determine if man is truly responsible for the data we see, or if its just part of the natural events. However, nobody can argue that the world is a better place when we pay attention to our actions and try and reduce the pollutants we put into the environment.

    Keeping that thought in our heads, as those on both sides attack each other, is more important than ever. The whole point of Climate Change is really to change the behavior that humans have. To be thoughtful of the entire world, and understand that our actions may have consequences.


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