President Obama and a fantastic quote

I have had something the President said during the Healthcare summit stuck in my head.

He said, and I am paraphrasing, that we should have a vote, and if the people don’t like it well then that’s what elections are for.

He is absolutely right.  Politicians of all parties should hold that belief.  Do you what you feel good about, what you feel is right and if the majority of voters disagree with you, well to quote Donald Trump, ‘You’re Fired’.  In this case I disagree with the president I think sweeping reform of Health Care is both important and dangerous to our economy.  Yes if we don’t fix Health Care with all the aging baby boomers and influx of illegal aliens as well as uninsured, yes there may be a problem especially to our economy.  I for one can’t afford to pay for 3 families of Health Care.  One is enough.  So yes, it is dangerous because if it is done wrong the fragile economy will get worse.  If it is done right it is likely to help.  Its a fine line, and a tough one but that’s why being President is hard.

That being said, his attempt at a bipartisan meeting was a joke made for TV, and it was pretty bad TV.


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  1. I agree that the “Bipartisan Healthcare summit” was a disaster, but mainly for the Democrats. They looked surly, intolerant, and completely partisan. Surely, they hoped that a few of their tired stories about “the lady I know who had to wear her dead sister’s dentures” would get people to say, “Ohhh nooo, we have to do something”. In other words, just trust us. Trust you? Surely you jest. From Harry Reid’s land deals, to Nancy Pelosi demanding a miltary jet the size of a 747 to cart her grandchildren to and fro around the country, to the President’s “Christmas Holiday” (that had nothing to do with Christmas) in a $4000 a night mansion, people do not trust you. You spend other’s money like it was pennies thrown in a fountain.

    The Dems dislike the current situation, a state of complete control, as sort of semi-Dictatorship, with the constant nuisance of huge popular opposition. They are not like the Clintons, they care more about remaking America via their own belief, than political survival or popular support. Basically, these are the “True believers” who believe more about the “New Leviathan” (complete Govt dominance) than they do about America or Americans.


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