Nancy Pelosi just doesn’t get it

I have to say I would jump on either political party for having a LEADER say this.  Nancy Pelosi said (again paraphrasing but not by much) that Democrats need to vote for Healthcare regardless of if it costs them their job or not.  So even if their pesky constituents disagree they need to vote for it because she (and I guess Obama) said so.  Who cares about the voters…

Who cares about the voters (she didn’t say that but it is what she meant).

Has she read the Constitution?  Does she just not care?  This is the problem in DC you have these weirdos in BOTH parties that say things like this.  This particular politician needs to be defeated.  I don’t know who is running against her but I guarantee you I am going to find out.  Even though I live in Massachusetts I am going to be sending her opponent a campaign donation.  If I could afford to take the time off work I would go out to California and work the office.

That statement just stinks of arrogance, stinks of elitism, shows what is wrong with the politicians in our society.  The worst part is, we the voters have enabled it.  We are to blame, not them.  So I for one am taking the actions I can to make a list of those that I think need to be defeated and do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure it happens.  That goes for both parties, democrat and republican.  If that makes me a tea partier or whatever then fine but this is enough.


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  1. Posted by Yoshi on March 1, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    Or does she get it? I’m not a huge fan of hers, but what does the public really want?

    I think Obama said it best. Americans overwhelmingly support the individual parts of the healthcare bill, but for some reason don’t like this bill. I agree its way to large, (2000+ pages 😦 ), but is it really a surprise its view in negative light given the amount of crap being put out?

    Death Panels
    Government Take Over of Health Care
    Rationing of Services
    Socialized Medicine

    The list goes on and on.

    You watched the “debate” last week. Someone from the republican side made a comment that this past summer at town hall meetings that the people he met “thought” this or that would happen if this legislation passed. This speaker did not say those things would happen, just that is what people “thought” would happen, based on what they heard about the bill. All the misinformation has lead so many to have skewed visions on this subject.

    The truth is, its pretty scary what so many believe. (

    Based on a poll of self identified republicans…

    63% believe Obama is a socialist
    42% believe Obama was not born in the US
    21% believe ACORN stole the 2008 presidential election
    23% believe their state should secede from the union

    So in the end, what many believe to be true, just isn’t due to quite alot of crap floating around.


    • Some very valid thoughts in a well done reply. See come with arguments, as we all should support our positions and I may agree. I’m not going to discredit her for going against the American public. I am also going to say that Health Care reform is a good thing. I’m just totally totally totally not sold on this bill being the answer. I’v tried to read it…I’d like to think I’m relatively smart. Couldn’t understand much of it. I asked 2 lawyers who are friends. They couldn’t sort that thing out. I think this bill may be the wrong direction but no one can convince me its right or wrong other than to say ‘trust us’….suuuuure….


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