Andy Stern, President Obama and Deficit Reduction

I am watching the news this morning and just learned on Fox News that Andy Stern, CEO Of the SEIU is on the deficit reduction commission.  Forgive me for saying that is kind of like a deer hunter having a person tie down the deer before you shoot at it.  Fox News was much nicer about it than I would have been but they are a news show in the morning and not so much an opinion show.  I’ll agree after about 4 in the afternoon they are almost totally opinion but in the morning they are as close to actual news as any morning news show.

I agree the Democrats are planning a huge tax increase and just have not let word out yet.  They are trying to find top cover to get these things through in an election year without getting themselves ‘fired’ during the election as much as they would otherwise.  Don’t get me wrong I think there will be a huge power shift come November this year.


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