Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand

I have been reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.  I am maybe 150 pages away from finished.  I have to say it is a good book, not bad.  Its well written (although she could have used an editor and the author is looooooong winded).

I agree with various people.  You can probably go through the current administration and assign some of the characters in the book to various people in the administration and come close.  But I think you can probably say that of the last three administrations.  Maybe not to the extreme that is happening today but it probably works.  That’s the good point to the book.

I have always wondered what would happen if the hard working folks ever left and decided to stop.  I think the book captures it well of the consequences of that.

It is a good book, it probably works for our time and the last 20 years.  More extreme as we go forward in time which is kind of the point of the book…


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  1. “I have always wondered what would happen if the hard working folks ever left and decided to stop.”
    In another context … what if ‘the best’ or the “hard(est) working folks” were those that got elected to be our representatives ?


    • I am willing to bet that the hardest working ones wouldn’t want the hassle. There are a few exceptions to that but the biggest problem I see these days with being an elected representative is that you are always worried about what smear tactic will a losing politician on the other side use. Living in Massachusetts I got to watch Scott Brown just be smeared all over the place. By someone who obviously had serious disdain for those pesky voters. Someone whose only interest was power, not the logical use of it or even the hard work it takes to make that power exist. Just to enjoy the ride so to speak.


      • Being from NH I watched Scott Browns’ election probably as intently as anyone in Mass. Given the mood of the people it would almost have surprised me if he had lost … the Pelosis and the Reids keep hacking away at the self respect of those ‘pesky voters’ thinking they know what is in our best interests. They are enjoying the ride !

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