The Health Care ongoing thought process

I have been thinking about the broadcast of the ‘bipartisan’ meeting on healthcare yesterday.  I watched most of it on television.  I watched as both parties got it wrong.  Although I do have to say that I think the Republican’s came off looking better but the bar wasn’t set very high.  So in my opinion they came off looking bad but when you stand next to a train wreck its pretty easy to not look bad.

The Democrats came off testy, annoyed and mad.  Somewhat at the Republicans and I think at each other.  The stories of someone in their state who has a problem were real I’m sure.  But they try to play it off like everyone in America has to use a dead relative’s teeth to get by.  It just isn’t true, I’m sure it is for that person but is that the exception or the rule?

I don’t think these horror stories get better under government run health care.  I think they get worse.  Oh the government would be well intentioned they wouldn’t mean for it to get worse but I think it would.  I have had experience dealing with the Veterans Administration (I am a vet) and you have to be very patient.  VERY patient and yes they will get there but there are so many people with so many problems they have to go in some order of biggest problem first.  Biggest problem sometimes turns out to be the person with the most important government friend.  Not always does that occur and I’m not saying they always play favorites but it does happen.  If the US Government takes over the whole system it will get to happen in every hospital.

I think we need reform, I really do but I don’t think what either of these parties are saying is it.  I posted an idea yesterday and I think that we need to start with something like I posted.  If not my idea than what?  Anyone with an idea I would absolutely love to hear it but I am convinced both parties in Washington don’t have a plan that matters.  Perhaps I don’t know enough about it but I have read, and read, and read….


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