Obama to think about Republican Healthcare ideas

I read an article about Obama promising to consider Republican ideas about Healthcare that he learned during the summit.  This reminds me of when you were a kid, went to your mother about something and she said “I’ll think about it” which we all means oh heck no.  Mr. President.  Stop acting like you want bipartisan support.  I just fell in the camp where I not FULLY BELIEVE all you want is someone to blame.  I didn’t want to believe the right wing radio guys until now.  But have to say on THAT point they were right.  You seem, at least on the surface to only care about power.  Power and nothing else.  

Well sir you have it…But I as an American have the power to speak out.  I have the power to protest, and more importantly I have the power to vote against you when you come up for re-election.  I have the power to vote against every single power hungry incumbent out there.

Good luck in your life after the presidency sir.  I never thought I would miss George Bush but I am starting to.


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