The Health Care Summit

I have the Health Care Summit on the TV in the background while working today.  Every time I look up The President goes from seeming bored to seeming angry.  The democrats just seem mad.  They seem mad that others don’t understand what they are trying to do.  So their answer is to use the same explanation just say it again.  It may be that everyone didn’t understand what they said so you describe it differently.

The Republicans seem like the agree on some things but just annoyed that the dems won’t do it their way.  Hmmm..Fun part is the dems not need the reps.  Not sure why we have Masterpiece Theatre going on in this case.  I don’t think this ‘meeting’ which is a play for the cameras is ever going to get anything passed.  I think a stripped down one will pass…

Just my thoughts.


One response to this post.

  1. You’re right. It’s a dog and pony show, but one set up by Obama and the Democrats. They’re hoping that public opinion will be swayed, but when you see Obama berating people and feeling the need to remind everyone he’s the president, I’m not sure this won’t backfire on him.

    And right again. Obama doesn’t need the Republicans……except he can’t get his own party on board over this bill. Those Blue Dog Democrats are a thorn in his side. Because of that, he has to find a few spineless Republicans that will vote for the bill.

    Just look at his bill. He’s watered it down where it’ll cover half of the people that was initially stated. He’s hoping to pass the watered down version just to get the bill on his desk for a signature. Of course, we all know that once made law, it’ll become amended to build up to the intial bill.


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