The Health Care Debate

I am waiting today for the showdown at the White House. I have to start this blog by saying I am not a huge fan of the President. I didn’t like the last guy very much either. I will say one nice thing about both of them, they don’t care how unpopular their position is on a subject. If they believe in it they will go forward with it. So at least that is something, they stick to their convictions.

That being said I don’t understand how President Obama can claim with a straight face that this ‘plan’ of his and the Democratic party will cost $1T. It may cost half that…I may cost twice that no one can tell. The agency of the government in charge of figuring out how much something costs says that the President’s plan recently posted on the web (kudos to finally paying attention to a campaign promise) lacks sufficient detail to say how much it costs. So come on Mr. President. Did they not teach economics at Harvard? If you don’t have detail in your check book like how much you wrote a check for HOW IN THE HECK can you say how much you are going to spend. Give us some detail or be quiet.

That last statement goes for both parties. Give us detail or shut up.

If either party had a coherent plan I might get behind it. However near as I can tell they don’t. So why the rush? Put together a real plan, bring in industry, government, health care lock them in a room for a month and come up with something that helps the uninsured, helps those with preexisting conditions. Leave my health insurance alone as I pay for it and like it. I know he claims that he will but if that’s true I have yet to see sufficient evidence of that. I have looked. A lot. I know you claim it in a speech but you say lots of things in speeches that don’t come true. I know George Bush did it to but he isn’t president. If he were I would yell at him as well.


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  1. The bill that Obama wrote is only 11 pages long. Needless to say, the CBO can’t get it’s hands around it since there are no specifics. Essentially, Obama handed in a last minute book report and he expects a decent grade. (oy vey).

    But the Republicans have a plan out. They set it out there this past May. But the media has decided not to report on it, so thus people like you actually think there’s been no alternative offered. It uses the private sector, no massive expansion of government, uses market place in delivery of service.

    Here. This is the link to it


    • I have read the republican plan (ok not all of it but some bits of it). I think it has some good stuff but there are pieces of it that I also think ride it off the rails. The challenge with it is that it will never ever pass in the current climate in DC. Thanks for the link I was aware of it but as it will never make the floor in congress or senate I don’t think that it counts as a viable alternative yet. Now with the upcoming midterms perhaps….Depending on the outcome. If we here in Mass can elect a Republican (albeit a liberal one) perhaps there is hope. But for now I have to say..

      NOPE keep the change Mr President.


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