Additional comment on Healthcare meeting

I was watching the news…They said, I hope this isn’t accurate…That the Democrats have everything they are going to do prepared for the meeting at the White House today.  They Republicans not only have what they are going to do prepared but rehearsed.  So this is a 6 hour show.  No outcome will happen that is my prediction.  This will be a show for the cameras….I wonder if a teleprompter is allowed in the meeting?

So the answer after the meeting will be…Democrats want their plan.  Republicans want their plan (or at least real debate) and the Dems will blame the Reps for being obstructionist.  Although oddly if they could get every Democrat to vote for it they don’t need the Republicans.  What they want is someone to blame.  Oh my gosh don’t you love an election year.  This year…I say we all go out and vote for whoever the Incumbent isn’t.  Just hit the reset button.  It works on my computer.


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